Friday, August 31, 2007

Kilburn Councillors Support The State

The campaign to Save The Kilburn State has secured the support of all three Kilburn Ward councillors.

Here's what they had to say:

Cllr Mary Arnold: "We must make sure that the Kilburn people's aspirations for the Mecca State are achieved and that the old State cinema is brought back into use giving access for people in the community. Brent Council has defined the building for entertainment and leisure, an opportunity to regain the cultural leading edge for performance and local skills together with fine architecture in the High Rd."

Cllr Anthony Dunn: "Hosting one of, if not the largest Wurlitzer organ in the UK, the Kilburn State is a rare architectural gem in the area. There is no way that the local authority is about to accede to any request to change the planning designation of the Kilburn State, accept any attempt to revoke its Grade II* listed status or allow it to be demolished to make way for more housing. Any potential purchaser should be fully aware of this. Why not use the place for the purpose for which it was built: entertainment."

Cllr Derek Jackson: "As a Kilburn Ward Councillor I feel strongly that this unique building should remain."

The campaign thanks them for their support.

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