Friday, August 31, 2007

Campaign Update

Since the campaign to "Save the State" started two weeks ago, it has prompted:

1. Three local councillors (Mary Arnold, Anthony Dunn and Derek Jackson) and an MEP (Sarah Ludford) to take up the issue;
2. The Kilburn Times to run a story (Sam-Daliri, N. (2007, 23 August). 'The Empire that can't fight back'. The Kilburn Times, p. 7.);
3. Brent Planning Department to send a photographer to the building to catalogue its listed features;
4. And the Kilburn Town Centre Manager to alert local police and Street Care officers, and advise them to pay special attention to the building while it is empty.

So far so good. But the future of The State is still uncertain. So keep your ears to the ground, your eye on the blog... and hold your elected representatives to their promises to Save the State!

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