Sunday, December 23, 2007

The State sold to Christian Group

The Rank Organisation have sold The Kilburn State to the Trustees of The Ruach Inspirational Church of God (Ruach Ministries Christian Centre, 122 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RS). For a taste of what to expect, see:

This outcome is disappointing to those who hoped that The State would be put at the disposal of the entire community, and not only evangelical christians. However, it will be up to the rest of us to ensure that the new owners preserve the integrity of the building, and to encourage them to make the place available for open days, and make some of The State's rooms available for other community events.

Historical note: If any Kilburn residents are experiencing deja vu at this point, it is because we have been here before with The Kilburn National: "First known as the Kilburn National Ballroom, then later as the Kilburn National Club, the National, with its distinctive dome, has played host to hundreds of major rock bands, from The Smiths to Nirvana to Blur. There was even a short-lived music television programme broadcast live from the place in the 1980s. In 1999 it was closed down after long legal battles over noise levels, and was converted into an evangelical Church." (From the BBC.) You may also remember that the church was closed down in 2002 after a Charity Commission investigation into financial improprietry, and the pastor involved was subsequently convicted of sex attacks. (See Receivers sent in to church; Pastor convicted of sex attacks; and Wife of sex case pastor still living high life).


Chris said...

What a shame that it has been sold to an religious organisation. It would have been great to have to restored it back to a venue. Good to see there's still lots of money in religion though!

Anonymous said...

This is so sad! Tragic.
Another bunch of looney Christians. They ripped the guts out of the National. Same thing happened to the Astoria in Finsbury Park. That used to be a great music venue. The Golders Green Theatre has recently been bought up by another African Christian outfit. I suppose it's only a matter of time before we see some of our historic West End theatres going the same way.

These people have no connection whatsoever with London and our history. No doubt they will be encouraging the beating of demons out of children and making millions out of their naive followers. That's how they can afford to buy this lovely old cinema in the first place.

London is finished! It's time to get out.

Geraldine said...

I and my twin sister - along with other sets of twins - were present on the day that the second screen was launched, 23rd November 1975.

Does anyone have any pictures of that opening ceremony, please? Or any further information about the addition of the second screen?

I seem to recall that we and the other twins present were given a year's worth of free cinema tickets.

John said...

There have of course been cases where church buildings have become theatres or cinemas.
Normally a cinema works quite well as a church building.
They are still open to the public and remain as single auditoriums. They keep the seating.
The building is generally well maintained.
The Coronet Cinema Notting Hill Gate is owned by a church and continues as a cinema, with some church use Sunday mornings.
The Odeon Woolwich, is now a church building.
The ABC, Bowes Road and the Odeon , Rayners Lane have been restored by other religious groups.
Odeon, Northfields, Ealing now open a s Christian centre.
The Astoria, Finsbury Park and the Odeon Ealing have both shown films since being church buildings
It would be lovely to see these buildings remain in theatrical/cinema use, but if this is not economically possible, then a church is better than an empty derelict building. Also better than a Mosque conversion, where the building would loose many theatrical features, see the Odeon, Forest Gate, or the Picture House, Kilburn which are now both mosques.
I hope some provision will be made for retaining the organ in the State Kilburn.

Anonymous said...

For your information the church was not closed down in 2002.The church you are talking about (victory Christian Center) was based in 234 -236 Kilburn high, which is down the road from the theater.

Oh Well said...

Idiots. What do you want to bet that if any other private company wanted to buy the building someone would have forbidden it on the basis that it was not for community use. Now you end up with these people buying it and it not being used for the community either.

Anonymous said...

Im glad a religious group have got the building, and rightly so that is what is happening in many other buildings. The church deserves good venues to touch the lives of people and some of you may as well get used to it and go and visit the building when it officially opens lol

Anonymous said...

This so called "church" seems to have an awful lot of money at it's disposal! The local lad from Brixton, "Bishop" John Francis, has done well.
So where have the millions to buy the cinema come from? Who is backing the "Bishop"?
I suggest all interested parties do a google search on Benny Hinn.
Go on, do it!
This gangster seems to be the man behind the " Bishop".
Hinn is being investigated in the USA for fraud. He's made millions out of his gullible followers in his huge mega "churches" across America. His brother has another one in Canada.
Is this really what we want to see in Kilburn?
You think the Victory pastor was bad? Wait till you see this lot coming our way!
Des Brittain.

Anonymous said...

I'm extremly happy that Ruach has acquired the building so it can truely preserved for the community and hopeful transform Kilburn from the bleak, alchol ridden place it has become into a place where the spirit of god can prevail.

Anonymous said...

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